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Abers Acres

Abers Acres
Route 394

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Abers Acres is a family enterprise managed by John, Susan and Adam Abers. Since being established in 1984 the business has grown to over 100 acres of prime agricultural land devoted to the production of pick-your-own and ready-picked choice seasonal fruits and vegetables.

In 1984 we opened our first location at Route 394 one mile west of Kennedy, NY. At that time we primarily sold strawberries and sweet corn. Although this location remains our home farm and we are certainly well know for those two major crops, we have since then branched out both in physical locations and in the variety of produce and other products we provide our customers.

After these many years Abers Acres has become recognized as one of the area's favorite spots to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, enjoy the pick-your-own experience and savor the out-in-the-country bounty. Several area grocery stores depend on Abers Acres to provide fresh home grown produce in season. Our new direction into organic farming promises to offer the healthiest of produce which our customers value. Most of all we have been blessed with so many loyal and enthusiastic customers. What a great pleasure it is to hear visitors to our area say that their visit is not complete without a trip out to Abers Acres!

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