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Apple Charlie's Orchard and Cider Mill

38035 South Huron Road

Our 95 acre farm is packed with home-grown fruits. We offer weekend entertainment in our pavilion, along with food and the finest apples and cider around. We have been making our own apple cider, apple pies and apple-chopped cinnamon bread for over 50 years, always fresh and ready for your purchase. We offer U-pick orchards with dwarf apple trees for easy picking. Family run facility with animals, pond, pavilion, bakery, apples, ice cream, gift shop and hayrides. Call for the dates, we are open. Come and go through the haunted house.


Raghad Hajar

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Good for families w kids. Their apple juice and doughnuts are like no other. They have a bunch of animals you can watch and feed. They also offer pony rides and hay rides around the farm. Their most popular season would be October or fall in general as they offer pumpkins for Halloween. But, it's still a great place all year round👍

Dee Masta

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Not a bad place to take the kids. If you plan on getting fresh donuts definitely go earlier in the day. They have a petting zoo, and some of the best apple cider in Michigan.

Lisa Gilmore

Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017
As with other reviewer, I DO NOT like, buy, or even eat red delicious apples, but that is all that was available for picking. Therefore, that was very, very disappointing for us. I must also agree regarding the state of the animals. My grandchildren were 3, 2, and 2 months old at the time of our visit, so they enjoyed themselves and we met other very nice patrons. In addition to that, there were NO lines for any of the activities. We just had to wait for our hayride and then it was just us. That part I liked. And I would be remiss not to mention how nice staff were; they were extremely sweet and genuinely kind to my grandchildren. And THEY ARE MOST important to me. Now our cider and donuts; although not cheap, were SUPERB in my daughter and my opinions.

Timothy Borbas

Monday, Oct. 9, 2017
The best cider and donuts you can get around here. Wonderful farm and Apple Orchard with pumpkins too. There are all sorts of animals for the family to see and enjoy. Pies, breads, cookies, jams, and a lot of wonderful people working all day. Say Hi to Gary and Holly who got married here at Apple Charlie's. Fun times and good eats for everybody.

Troy Saltsman

Sunday, Sep. 17, 2017
We went to Apple Charlie's today to pick apples. They sold us a $20 bag and off we went. At the entrance to the orchard, we were told that we were not allowed to cross the orange fence to get apples off the trees on the other side. They pointed out their sign that states, "no refunds". What the didn't tell us was the only apples they have are Red Delicious. No other kind at all. Nobody in my family like red delicious. So we go out to complain that they should have let us know that they were offering only trees with red delicious apples. There were 6 employee's, led by an old man with a white beard, and he was a total A-hole to us. We told him that they shoukd have told us that all they offered was red delicious. He actually said to us, "what do you want from me, No Refunds". So we asked who was in charge that we could talk to. He stated that he didn't know but there are no refunds. Real a-hole. Great representative of Apple Charlie's. We go inside and meet an older woman who gave us a refund, but told us to not tell anyone that we got a refund. Then she told us they would open up other parts of the orchard with different varieties next week. We will no longer be patronizing Apple Charlie's. What would possess an apple orchard to have a 'No Refund' policy. We left Apple Charlie's and went to Erie Orchards Apple Orchard and Cider Mill where we got several varieties of apple's and friendly service. Apple Charlie's, it may mean nothing to you but we will no longer visit your orchards because your staff was very rude and your no refund policy is ridiculous.

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