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Apple of His Eye Orchard

Apple of His Eye Orchard
3185 S. 300 E.

About Us

There are two ways that you can visit Apple of His Eye Orchard, LLC.  The first is through the internet: our web site, and the many search engines that we have signed up with.  The best way to visit our orchard is to take the drive to 3185 S. 300 E. in Madison County, just southeast of lovely Anderson, Indiana.  You will find a “mom and pop” road side stand where we like to tell you about growing apples God’s way.  Also, we like to hear about your apple stories.  It seems that apples, more than any other fruit carries so many memories and family adventures.  Those stories make a person’s life so rich and flavorful…just like our apples.

Our apple story started with an ending…that sounds odd to say.  But Jude and Richard (aka “The Apple Man” and “Apple Lady”) ended their full time United Methodist Christian ministry in 2004.  It was then that we met some great folks with a small 3 acre orchard in Galveston, Indiana who encouraged us to meet their friends in the Indiana Horticulture Congress.  Soon a desire was born to continue to serve God through a Christian Agri-business, to share with the public our Christian beliefs, and to provide wholesome fruit, vegetables, and value-added products.  I guess you could say that we are Bi-Vocational, because we continue to serve our local Nazarene Community in Anderson, as well as serve the hungry folks of East-Central Indiana.

We wrote a “Vision Statement” and a “Mission Statement” back in 2006 and it is still valid today.  If you would like to take a moment, read them on this web site too.
Currently at the orchard we have in production over 800 trees of various sizes and rootstocks.  We grow over 27 varieties featuring some of the newest apple varieties being developed.  Of course we feature “Honeycrisp” which was brought to market by the University of Minnesota.  But Indiana folks don’t know that Purdue University in conjunction with others has produced some very nice apples like: William’s Pride, Goldrush, and Pristine…which we also grow.  We could write a huge web site just on apple varieties but you can check for yourself if we carry your favorites.  Or better yet if you will come out to the orchard I am certain that you can taste your way into a new “favorite.”  

We open in June when Indiana strawberries are ripe.  And we are looking forward to early July when South Carolina peaches are coming to us.  Our first apple is called “Transparent” ready around July 4th.  Gala usually starts around mid-August.  And so apple season is going strong before the kids get into school.  Remember to visit the orchard early…don’t wait until Fall in central Indiana because we start picking apples and pears quite a bit earlier than Michigan.

10 am. to 6 pm.
Monday thru Saturday

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