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This land that makes up Arbor Day Farm today was originally part of Arbor Day founder J. Sterling Morton's agricultural estate. J. Sterling Morton homesteaded this area in 1854. Mr. Morton and his new bride, Caroline, traveled to Nebraska from Michigan, leaving the beautiful wooded areas of that state to come to our treeless plains. After building their four-room cabin on the site of the present Arbor Lodge mansion, they set about planting trees and landscaping their property. J. Sterling Morton planted trees. Caroline planted trees. The Mortons had four boys and, as their boys grew up, they helped to plant trees too.


C Yi

Monday, July 30, 2018
This was an amazing experience in Nebraska. Husband and I were very impressed with the quality of the service. We stayed for a weekend to get out of Lincoln and enjoyed it very must. The hotel room was updated and very comfortable with beautiful views. The farm is well organized and lots of ecosystem - lots of birds singing. The food was divine, especially the chocolate hazelnut tart was my favourite. The corn chowder was also very good. Not much vegetarian option but the kitchen was very happy to substitute. Unfortunately, we really try hard to like Nebraska wine but there is just something that doesnt taste as good as Californian or European wine... maybe the soil is not matured enough to make the wine. The wine tasting was fun but the wine itself was ok... Overall: definitively plan a weekend in this lodge with your kids and family, so happy to have found and experience this magical place.

Angela Dvorak

Friday, July 6, 2018
Stopped in for wine tasting after long day of traveling. Woman working treated us like trash. When speaking to another couple about a wine in their fridge that wasn't listed on the tasting list, I stated I would like to try that. She raised her nose in the air and said,"You've had your four samples." Seriously, they don' t appear interested in selling anything with staff like that.

Bryce Caster

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
This family-friendly attraction has a theater on trees, plus a few walking trails. Make sure to also stop at the cafe for the best apple pie you will ever have.

Vanessa Scott

Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017
My family and I visited the farm for the first time this weekend. We spent the entire day out there! It was beautiful and full of history. We made sure to get the day pass along with the tour of the grounds, and not one part of our day disappointed. We noticed that it was getting closer to 6pm and we had not yet been to the mansion, so we quickly got in the car and drove over there. We felt awful, like one of "those" people who show up right before closing time, but the staff was very warm and welcoming. We went through all of the rooms soaking in the history and what life must have been like for the Morton family. With all of the trees in the area, it's so hard to imagine only seeing prairie. My kids were worn out by the time we got home and went to bed still talking about what parts of the day they loved the most. I am pretty sure that the xylophone and the interactive map of the world (in the room before the theater) was their favorites. The only thing I wish could be different were some of the prices on the their items.

Morgan Lunders

Sunday, Sep. 17, 2017
Tree house adventure was awesome! Expensive but a good time. My toddlers had a blast and it was very educational and fun. There was a fun moving gnome the staff sneakily moves around the park and little fairy houses they put around. The art around was exceptional along with the fun activities themselves. Restaurant is overpriced for concession stand food so just don't bother with that.

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