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Avenue Orchard

Avenue Orchard
6700 US Highway 53


We began AVEnue Orchard in 2007 with 115 trees.  With no map to what kinds of apples were here it was like a treasure hunt going through and discovering what was growing in the orchard, including timeless varieties such as Yellow Transparent and Duchess.  It took some work to get the trees into shape and producing beautiful fruit once again, and now we are overrun with delicious produce.
In addition to the apples, we also have a few varieties of pears and plums.  We also added a garden to the property, growing squash, jack-o-lanterns, and giant pumpkins that are the perfect decoration for the fall season.

And now we have started expanding.  So far we have added over 1,500 trees to the orchard, and we hope there’s more to come.  Some of our favorite additions to the orchard would be our SnowSweet and Zestar, as well as old favorites such as Cortland and Wolf River.

Besides our on-site store, you will also see us at various local Farmer’s Markets.  While visiting us there, don’t forget to get your picture taken with Ronnie Appleseed.

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