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Big Mountain Ciderworks

Big Mountain Ciderworks
1051 Old Reserve Drive

About Us:

We love working our farm and providing for our friends and family in the area. We pick and press our own apple to make the best ciders.

We planted our first orchard in 2006. We wanted to grow unique varieties that were otherwise unavailable locally and have been providing fresh fruit for our friends since then. We ended up with a lot of apples and decided that converting our extra apples to hard cider was the most efficient and sustainable way to use our fruit. We experimented with different varieties to see what would grow best  and in 2012, and every year thereafter, planted a much larger orchard to grow the best apples to make cider.

Most of our family has farmed since the turn of the (other) last century. We  still honor hard work and respect for the land as did our parents and grandparents.  If you appreciate fresh fruit, juice or hard cider, stop by and share the fruits of our labor.

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