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Bray Orchards and Roadside Market

Bray Orchards and Roadside Market
2580 Highway 42 West

The Bray family has been growing fruit and vegetables in Trimble County since the early 1900's. We grow over twenty varieties of apples each year. We grow many other fruits and vegetables each you as well, including strawberries and tomatoes, just to name a couple. We also have herbs, perennials, annual flowers, hanging baskets, hardy mums, as well as trees and shrubs. In more recent years, we began making our own ice cream from our home grown produce and redesigned our market house to include a cozy dining room, complete with a fireplace.

Our roadside market on U.S. 42 is open annually from late spring/early summer, and generally until Christmas. The open season may vary from year to year, depending on crop productivity.

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