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The land where Organic Breezy Hill lies today has had a varied past. Initially established at the turn of the 20th century as a small dairy operation, the 50+ acres were later expanded to include two small orchards and acclaimed produce gardens. Prior to 1993, the farm followed conventional practices using pesticides and herbicides to combat pests and disease. Bringing a new vision with them, Bob and Jane Lynch turned to organic methods in the orchards and gardens and as they began the process of converting the fields to alfalfa. Against the advising of many, they cultivated the organic method for nearly a decade. Without the use of chemicals and working in greater harmony with nature, the work was hard and in the years leading to retirement, Bob and Jane considered selling the farm to an organic farmer. When none could be found, renting the land appeared to be the only option. Conflicted by the thought that their farm would be reduced to monocultures of corn and soybeans, they found a third option in their son, Patrick. In 2000, having finished his degree, travelled abroad to Germany for a time, and returning to teach at an area school, Patrick recognized the significance and potential of Breezy Hill - an organic research eden in a sea of monocultures.

Inspired by his childhood experiences working outside and university education in environmental science, Patrick's passion prospered at the opportunity to expand upon the orchards and offerings of Breezy Hill. It was at this point that Breezy Hill began to develop into a commercial operation again - mirroring the past but in a more sustainable way. Earning organic certification for the first time in 2002, Patrick spent considerable time with a variety of mentors learning their methods and gaining valuable experience leading to the title of organic orchardist. His cooperative work with state entomologists and like minded area orchardists and fruit breeders led to the development of a considerable volume of research. The rarity of a Minnesota organic orchard oasis surrounded by monocultures was an opportunity many university contacts couldn't pass. Working together, Partick's trial and error methods, sometimes devastated by hail storms, unexpected frosts, and unpredictable weather, culminated in several Minnesota specific orchard horticulture manuals. Inspired by his mentors, Partick continues the legacy of organic orcharding in Minnesota by refining his methods and developing the talents of young orchardists through consulting.
Today, Organic Breezy Hill's future is bright. With products that can be found at numerous co-ops and restaurants through Wright, Hennepin, and Ramsey counties, Patrick continues the tradition of working the land by hand with the help of his small tractor. Organic Breezy Hill seeks to raise the healthiest apples and produce to offer to you and your family. Thank you for your support.

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