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Broom Orchard

Broom Orchard
12803 Broom Road


The Carlinville Orchard, consisting of 123 acres, was established in 1920 by Leonard Sooy.  The orchard remained in the Sooy family until 1968 when it was purchased by William and Joan Broom.  William's father, William Stanford Broom, started growing apples in Marion County in 1920.  We are the third generation of apple growers!

The orchard was increased by five acres in 1972 to bring the total acreage to 128 acres.  Presently, there are approximately 70 acres in fruit production.  In the late 1970s, the emphasis was changed to retail apples sales.  A cider press was purchased in 1980.  In 1982, the Apple Festival was created to promote you-pick-apples and our retail market.  In 1990, the Pumpkin Festival was started to promote pumpkins and a family-friendly atmosphere.

In 1995, William and Joan sold the orchard to their son and daughter-in-law, Jeff and Lisa Broom.  Jeff and Lisa built a new retail Farm Market and kitchen as of 1995.

A pasteurizer was purchased in 1997.  We use a process called "flash pasteurization" where the cider is brought to 160 degrees for eight to ten seconds to insure great-tasting safe cider.

In 2001, the 65-year-old packing shed was eliminated and the construction of our pole barn with new coolers, office, storage and expanded kitchen was created.  Our goal is to provide top-quality fruit that is freshly picked, along with a family atmosphere.  We invite you and your family to come and experience our Festivals and Farm Market where your business is always appreciated!

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