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Conner Orchards

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Conner Orchards and Inn the Orchard are run by Ed and Laurie Conner.

Ed purchased the orchard in 1999 from his Uncle, who had bought it from another aunt. Originally, it was all about the house, which he and his dad renovated. Selling fruit on his sales trips across the eastern slope, he turned the orchard into his full-time job and headed to farmers markets as well.  

It was at one of these farmers markets where he tossed Laurie an apple. Neither knew that in ancient Greece this was meant as a proposal by the man and an acceptance by the woman if she caught it. Laurie caught the apple and now Ed manages the orchard while Laurie takes care of the lavender.

Laurie, the ever wanderer, has turned her love of canning into a variety of jams and other culinary lavender products.

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