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Fat Robin Orchard and Farm

Fat Robin Orchard and Farm
34126 South Finley Point Road

About Us:

The orchards at Fat Robin Orchard & Farm have existed in one form or another since the 1930s, and have been certified organic since 2000, the first cherry orchard to be certified in the State of Montana. Lise Rousseau and Albert Silva have cared for the orchards since 2004. We are the fifth owners of our farm on the crest of Finley Point.

Sweet cherry varietals are our specialty, including the ever popular Lambert cherry, Rainier, Lapin, and Van. We also have an increasing number of pie cherries (Montmorency & Balaton), the heirloom Black Republican, and some newer varieties, Kooteney and Sweetheart, not yet in production.

Finley Point is a glacial moraine, a remnant of the last ice age 12,000 years ago. Cool summer nights, long summer days, pristine air, and glacial till soils, combined with the magical "lake effect" make for perfect growing conditions that produce a cherry with natural sweetness and tang without comparison.

We grow Macintosh apples and a few heirloom Wealthy apples, planted by the original owners' sister, Elsie, back in the '30s, as well as varietal garlic and shallots.

Part of our farm management scheme includes grazing sheep where and when appropriate. We enjoy the company of our permanent flock of six and their lambs, in season. We offer sheep and their wool for sale when available.

From our vantage point we overlook Polson Bay to the south, the Mission Mountains to the east, and Skidoo Bay, the Swan Range, and the gateway to Glacier National Park to the north.

The orchard is open to the public in season for u-pick and farmstand sales. Our cherry, apple, and other farm-grown fruit products are available year-round.

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