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Havlicek's Orchard

Havlicek's Orchard
26526 Newport Avenue

About Us:

We began planting our apple trees in 1984 while Denny was teaching special needs students and counseling.  When the trees started producing a crop we sold most of it locally, at grocery stores.   We also had pick your own and pre-picked at our orchard.  Ten years ago Denny retired from counseling and began selling at several farmers markets in Minneapolis.  Since then we have planted an additional 1,500 trees and it has become a full time job.  We continue to have pick your own and pre-picked apples at our orchard on weekends.  It is a family friendly atmosphere, without the crowds of the big commercial orchards. 

Bring a blanket and lunch and enjoy a picnic while you pick your own apples. Lynn, runs the home operation along with teaching private piano lessons.  We use a very safe method of pest and disease control called "Integrated Pest Management".  We have insect traps in the orchard as well as a weather monitor which shows wetness, temperature, and degree days. These devices warn us of a danger to our crop. We live in the middle of our orchard, and we have always practiced the safest insect and disease control methods.

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