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Kerby Orchard

Kerby Orchard
5471 Highway 64

About Us:

We only sell what we grow..the best. During Harvest we sell Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Pears, Apples while they last and fresh Apple Cider while it lasts.

Anyone can plant a fruit tree in their yard, but not everyone can get fruit they like-if they get any fruit at all. Growing high quality fruit is no accident. It's hard work!
It begins with quality trees from proven nurseries. That's the easy part. The trees have to mature 5-7 years before you can pick fruit to sell. In the meantime, the new trees are shaped and nourished along with the rest of the Orchard. 
Just like a holiday feast, everyone looks forward to harvest time. But certain preparations have to be made, like pruning, removing old trees and planting new ones, cleaning the orchard to cultivate, fertilizing, irrigating, weeding and thinning. Some of these chores are done weekly. It never stops!
Finally the fruit is tree ripe. If the fruit is too green, the sugars and the taste won't develop. Next the fruit is picked, graded and sized and boxed for refrigeration. Then we bag it for the markets as well as for sale at the Orchard. All that TLC makes the difference.
When you buy from Kerby Orchard you're simply buying the best fruit that can be grown! We only sell what we grow, and we pride ourselves on more than 60 years of success. It is hard work, but we think it's worthwhile, so please..Enjoy the fruits of our labors!

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