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Mackie Farms

Mackie Farms
577 Mason Road

About Us:

Our orchard began in 2003 with 17 trees of different varieties to see which would grow and produce the best in our cold winters and very hot, dry summers. We expanded each year and now we have 1,000 trees. Our varieties are Alberta, Autumn Star, Red Globe, Veteran, and Golden Jubilee. We also have 35 apricot trees and several apple trees to supplement our main crop. We have pear and are testing feasibility of adding those to the orchard in the future.

With about 8 acres now planted and available for production, we still have more to go. We will eventually have about 1,500 trees for markets in the local areas and shipping to outling areas.

We used the standard size, self-pollinating varieties to extend the production life of the orchard. The trees are planted in 100 tree sections so as they age  and the productions drops off, we can replace them and not impact the orchard production to any great extent. Each variety ripens at a different time and our season can extend from mid-July to mid-September.

We received certification from the State Agriculture Department and we are the first large peach orchard in the state of Nevada.

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