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Masonville Orchard

Masonville Orchard
4545 Cobb Lake Drive

Masonville Orchards, where we specialize in antique, heirloom and unique apple and pear varieties.  Our orchards are located on the Front Range of Colorado, where warm days and cool nights are ideal for outstanding apples and pears.

We have over 150 different varieties of apples and pears.  Our apples include:  Scarlet Surprise, Williams Pride, Gravenstein, McIntosh, Jonathan, Tompkins County King, Pixie Crunch, Melrose, Norkent, Honeycrisp, Airlie Red, Apricot Apple, Caville Blanc D'hiver, Winter Banana, Sunrise, Sundance, Cortland, Early Joe, Fameuse, Jenner Sweet, Kanab Sweet, Sweet Sixteen, Delcon, Wealthy, Smokehouse, Cox Cherry Pippin to name a few.  Some of our unique and unusual pear varieties include:  Ubileen, Honeysweet, Crisp N Sweet, Orcas & Harrow Delight. Asian pear varieties include: Shinseiki, Korean Giant, Chojoro, Seuri & Nijiseiki.

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