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Moms Country Orchards

Moms Country Orchards
38695 Oak Glen Rd.

Moms Country Orchards is located in the apple growing community of Oak Glen, at 5000' elevation in the San Bernardino Mountains. 

Moms is just 10 miles off the I-10, east of Redlands and Yucaipa and north of Beaumont and Cherry Valley. 

Moms proudly offers the finest locally grown, pesticide-free apples and other produce in the area.

We also offer the greatest selection of jams, jellies, honey and preserves in Southern California.

Moms is open all year 'round (except Dec. 25th), 364 days a year!  

We offer seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as seasonally prepared jams and other preserves. 

We enjoy being able to bring the very best to our customers and their families and friends. 

We are known for being friendly, knowledgable and  having reasonable prices (check out Yelp  and facebook).

We, Yvette Birdsall and Alison Law-Mathisen, (the Moms) started Mom's Country Orchards in March of 2002 and we appreciate the support of all our customers!

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