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Pine Tree Apple Orchard

Pine Tree Apple Orchard
450 Apple Orchard Road

About Us

The first apple trees were planted on the shore of Pine Tree Lake in 1904. That orchard would one day be Pine Tree Orchard for Art Jacobson, a city boy from St. Paul, who dreamed of growing apples and living on the land.

In 1950, Art and his wife, Dickey, moved out to the orchard and eventually purchased it in 1958. They settled down to make growing apples the center of their lives and the lives of their children.

As the family grew, the orchard did as well. The original orchard of 25 acres is now over 300 hundred acres; planted in apple trees, strawberries, pumpkins and corn for the corn maze. In 1963, Pine Tree Orchard purchased an additional orchard in Preston, Minnesota. Growing apples on two different locations keeps the family from having all their eggs in one basket. And although growing these crops is the main thrust of the business, Pine Tree has branched out into other related products and activities.

Today, all six adult children are actively involved in growing and marketing apples and strawberries. Each family member has his or her own special interest and now there are even grandchildren taking part in the operation.

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