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Ray French Orchard

Ray French Orchard
921 Harvest Lane Pr NE


We are the Ray French family.  Ray French Sr. built his dreams around this orchard in 1960.  He started out with 160 acres of land covered in sagebrush, that later developed into Bing Cherries and Red Haven Peaches.  Later in 1971 he also planted apples.  Before the idea of u-picking came about, all of the fruit in the orchard was sold commercially.  In the years that followed the French's opened up a fruit stand with already picked fruit and it wasn't until the late 80's that the orchard was opened up for u-pick.

Ray French Orchard was primarily run by Ray French Sr., Miriam French and their three boys, Robin, Ray and Tom.  In 1992, Robin French began managing the orchard for his father.  Since then,  Robin has added many different varieties of fruit, including Donut peaches (which were originally ordered by mistake) and the juicy white peaches.
Ray French Sr. passed away in July 2009, at the age of 90.  Robin Hopes to continue on with his fathers dream.

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