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Rowley's Red Barn

Rowley's Red Barn
901 South 300 West

About Us:

Fruit growing has been a tradition in the Rowley family for generations. Four to be exact. In the heart of Santaquin, what began as a small fruit stand is now the Red Barn, a landmark on I-15 that begins the journey to southern Utah.

Even though we've grown since our humble beginnings, we have always taken pride in the quality of our fruit and other homemade products. And that's never changed throughout the years.

Although our largest crop is tart cherries, we also grow a variety of apples and peaches, along with pumpkins, pears, and many other specialty crops which can be purchased fresh at the barn. Our Red Barn Cider Mill juice can also be purchased at grocery stores throughout Utah.

We love working with Mother Nature, but sometimes she can be unpredictable. As the years went by we realized we could do more to sustain ourselves when the crops don't come. We've grown through the years and now make farm fresh products people know and love. From fresh pressed apple cider, to jams, syrups, salsas and more, all are made right here on the farm with our own family recipes.

And for those with a sweet tooth, nothing beats our homemade ice cream, fruit pies, fruit shakes, cookies, fudge, chocolate coated dried fruit, old fashioned soda fountain, and other handmade delicacies.

All business aside, our most important crop is our family and friends that have come together to make our business a success. There is always something new going on at the barn, so stop in on the web or in person and enjoy some of the fruits of our farm!

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