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Sweetland Orchard

Sweetland Orchard
26205 Fairlawn Avenue

A Different Kind of Orchard

Before you visit: know that we’re a different kind of orchard. We’re focused on food: on growing good things to eat and on making delicious hard and sweet cider. We don’t have hayrides, bands, a corn maze, a petting zoo or, in 2014 and 2015, pick-your-own apples.

When you arrive, we’ll share some tastes of apples and cider with you and leave you to enjoy a day in the country with an orchard walk or a picnic. Or plan a slightly less quiet day playing with Fletcher, our border collie who loves to play fetch. Or learn as much as you can about hard cider with tastings and a cidery tour.

We’re happy to talk with you about growing apples, making hard cider, pressing sweet cider, cooking with apples, and eating apples. If you come with children who might not enjoy those types of conversations, we have a kids’ area in the barn to keep them busy while we chat.

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