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Zollinger Fruit and Tree Farm

Zollinger Fruit and Tree Farm
1000 River Heights Boulevard

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This farm has been owned and operated by the Zollinger family for over 100 years.  William Zollinger purchased the land in 1904 and planted one of the first commercial fruit orchards in Cache Valley. Since that time it has grown to be the largest horticulture business in Cache County,(Now known as Zollinger fruit and Tree Farm.) The diversity of products has grown to include over 80 varieties of ornamental and fruit trees as well as a wide variety of shrubs and perennials. In the fall, apples are still harvested and sold to a local fresh market. Many of the 13 apple varieties are blended to make the Apple Cider which the Zollinger family is so well known for.

In 2004 Zollinger Fruit and Tree Farm was awarded Century Farm status and in 2006 this historic farm was placed under the protection of a State held conservation easement. Future generations will now benefit from their products and open space.

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